How to carry chairs

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  • Classroom chairs should be the right size for the children, strong and light in weight so that they can be easily carried.


This can be a collective presentation.


  1. Directress invites all the children to sit on a chair, listen and watch carefully.
  2. Directress then demonstrates how to hold a chair: stand at the side of the chair, bend down.
  3. Put the right hand at the back of the seat, tucking the fingers right underneath the headrest of the chair.
  4. Put the left hand at the front of the seat, tucking the fingers just below the seat.
  5. Lift it up and move the chair to another place of the classroom.
  6. Bend your back and put it down carefully and quietly.
  7. Directress demonstrates how to tuck in and tuck out a chair.
  8. To tuck in the chair, stand behind the chair, place both hands at the side of the chair, lift up and push the chair in and under the table.
  9. To tuck out, tilt the chair to the back, lift a little bit and pull out.

Control Of Error

Directress directed exercise.

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To teach children how to carry a chair safely.
  • To teach the child how to control and rearrange the classroom.

Indirect aims:

  • To develop gross motor skills .
  • To develop independence.


Show the children how to carry benches. Ask two children to carry a bench together. Each at one side of the bench.
Show them how to carry tables. You may ask two children to carry it together or even four children. Each at one side of the table. Put hands underneath the table and lift it up, walking together in the same direction.