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Different kinds of life cycle cards, showing in a series of pictures for the life cycle of a flower, a tree, a fish, a bird, a frog, ... etc.
Each picture may be accompanied by a brief caption.
The life cycles may be:

  • Linear, like a time line. This is particularly appropriate for showing birth to death life cycles.
  • Circular, which is good for showing annual life cycles of plants, and for showing the migration and hibernation patterns of animals.



  1. Directress selects a life cycle card.
  2. She presents and discusses what we see in the sequence of pictures, from the beginning of life to the end.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • Awareness of life cycles.
  • Discuss subjects like migration, hibernation, pollination, etc.
  • Aware that living things are interconnected and that life is a never ending cycle, even though individuals die.
  • Provide more practice at observation skills required for any matching activities.
  • Extend the child's vocabulary.