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  • Black cards with three-letter phonic words of objects in the classroom e.g. lid, pot, map, ink, jug, tin, ten and nib, pen, gum and mug, box.


Words selected related to objects found in the classroom and for the later exercises they relate to topics of interest to the children. The Morris Montessori Word List has clearly defined spelling patterns to choose from.

This is a group presentation to be carried out with a group of children in the floor. (Note: full work cycle to be observed).


  1. The Directress introduces the Noun Box 1 to the children, saying "Today we are going to do Noun Box 1".
  2. She opens the lid of the box, places it underneath the box on the mat.
  3. She then takes out the grey-heading card with the word "Noun" and places it on the mat.
  4. The Directress gives a card each to a child.
  5. She then asks the child to read the word on the card and then place the card next to the object.
  6. When all the children have placed the cards in the respective places, the Directress then explains to the children, "We are naming things. Nouns are names of things".

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To practice reading.
  • To develop reading vocabulary related to cultural subjects or project work.