Opening and closing drawers

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  • A chest of drawers.


This can be a collective presentation.


  1. The Directress invites all the children to sit on a chair, listen and watch carefully.
  2. The Directress shows how to open a drawer.

Stand facing the drawer.

  1. Place left hand against the chest for stability, put the right hand on the knob and pull the drawer, sliding out slowly and steadily.
  2. Do not pull too far out or else the whole drawer will come off the chest.
  3. The Directress shows how to close a drawer.

Place both hands, fingers flat against the opened drawer, push gently, and sliding it back into place.

Control Of Error

Directress directed exercise.
Drawers will not open or shut properly if they are not done correctly.

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To teach children how to open and close drawers.

Indirect aims:

  • Teaches coordination of the eyes and hands.
  • Teaches the children independence and safety.
  • Develop their hands movement.


You may try different drawers with different knobs.
There are some drawers without a knob. When opening, place fingers of both hands underneath the drawer. Slot the fingers in and normally, there should be something or just a gap to hold on to. Just pull the drawer out.