Planting seeds

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  • Seeds.
  • Soil.
  • Waterig can.


This can be done as  a group presentation.


  1. Directress gathers the children together in a group, out in the garden. She shows the children how to plant seeds.
  2. Prepare a patch of the garden for planting purpose.
  3. To plant the seeds, place the seeds into the soil.
  4. Do not push too deep inside.
  5. Allocate each group of children to a patch for them to do planting or provide crates for them to germinate the seeds and later transferred to the patch.
  6. Show the children how to water the plants and encourage the children to water them everyday.
  7. The children can be encouraged to plant vegetable, fruits.
  8. Plants that are easy to plant and grow are long beans, carrots, corn, tomatoes and chilies.
  9. Herbs like mint, basil, curry leaves and pandan are also easy to plant and grow.
  10. Furthermore, you may incorporate sensorial in these fragrance herbs.
  11. Vegetables and fruits that are planted can be pluck by the children later on.
  12. The vegetable can be cooked for lunch and the fruits can be cut and eaten or fruit salad can be prepared.

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