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  1. A shoe
  2. Shoe polish
  3. Shoe brush
  4. Felt cloth
  5. Newspaper


This is an individual presentation.


  1. Directress lay out the piece of newspaper on the table, takes the materials out from the tray and lay it in a row on the newspaper starting from the left to right in the following order - shoe, shoe polish, brush and the felt cloth.
  2. Directress takes the brush, dab lightly into the shoe polish with the right hand.
  3. Insert the left hand into the shoe, hold it up and then starts polishing the shoe by using the brush to apply the polish on it using a brushing movement.
  4. When completed, use the felt cloth to shine it by wiping the shoe.

Control Of Error

Visual. Shine and marks of the shoes.

Points Of Interest

The reason why we polish shoes is to protect the shoes.May introduce the child on other methods to protect shoes. Explain the usage of a shoetree, shoe spray for protection, prevention of fungus as well as airing the shoes.


Direct aims:

  • To teach a child how to polish shoes.

Indirect aims:

  • To develop the child's eye hand coordination.
  • To develop the child's fine motor control.
  • To develop the child's concentration.
  • To develop the child's independence.
  • To develop the child's self esteem.


  1. May use different types of shoe polish and shoes of different material, for e.g. School shoes with school whitening solution, felt cloth shoes with a brush and shoe shampoo.
  2. Get the children to clean their own shoes.