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Puzzle map in which the land is divided into Continents which are painted in the same colors as the Continental Globe.


This can be an individual or group presentation.


At first, the child may work with the map, merely as a puzzle, so that he can get familiar with the shapes.
When the child is familiar with the puzzle map, he learns the names of the Continents, two at a time using the "Three Period Lesson".

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • Introduce a flat map to the child.
  • Reinforce the knowledge of positions of the Continents.
  • Teach the names of the Continents.


The child can be shown how to make his own maps.
Trace the outline of the two hemispheres, with a clear plastic circle (provided with the map) on a paper. Take the continental pieces from the puzzle and place them on the appropriate place in the hemispheres and trace around them. Ask the child to color in the Continents with the same color as the puzzle pieces.