Rolling A Mat / Rolling A Napkin

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  • Mat or napkin.


This is a group presentation.


  1. Bring a mat from the mat basket, carrying it vertically.
  2. Place the mat on the floor, unrolling it toward you slowly and carefully.
  3. After the mat is fully unrolled, explain that you are going to demonstrate how to roll it back up.
  4. Insert your thumb under the mat, about 1/3in away from each side.
  5. Hold the edge by placing your fingers over the mat.
  6. Repeat with the alternate hand.
  7. Make a fold by rolling your hands forward.
  8. Repeat, emphasizing each fold, continuing to look at both ends for an even roll.
  9. Tap the ends in when necessary.
  10. Continue rolling until the mat is fully rolled and the top edge is facing you.
  11. Invite a child to repeat the activity, and return the mat to the mat basket.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To teach the child to roll a mat/napkin.