Sand Paper Letter Formation

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  • Sand paper letters.
  • A mat.


This is an individual presentation.


  1. Invite the child to join you in this excise.
  2. Ask the child to bring the mat to the floor and unroll it as you bring the sand paper letters to the mat.
  3. Take out two consonants and one vowel. In this sample, we use m, a, t.
  4. Place the /m/ on the mat.
  5. Ask the child to please tell you the sound.
  6. Place the /a/ on the mat about 12 inches to the right of the /m/.
  7. Ask the child to please tell you the sound.
  8. Move the /a/ next to the /m/.
  9. Ask the child to say both sounds.
  10. If the child struggles or hesitates, you can prompt “m..a…” as you say the sounds together slowly and clearly.
  11. Now move the /t/ next to the /a/.
  12. Tell the child “Now, we have “m..a…t…mat” as you sound out the word with the child.
  13. If the child is eager to learn more, introduce /s/ and /f/.
  14. When you are finished, you and the child can put the letters back into the box.

Control Of Error

Teacher Directed

Points Of Interest


  • Preparation for writing and reading
  • Develop a muscular impression of the letters
  • Develop a visual impression and memory of the letter shapes