Sandpaper Globe

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A small globe on which the land is covered with sandpaper, forming a rough surface. The oceans are painted blue and smooth surface.


This can be an individual or a group presentation.


Directress names the globe and explains to the child that this is a model of the Earth - the planet on which we live.
Demonstrate how to hold the globe with her dominant hand and turning and feeling the globe with her non dominant hand. Tell the child the rough parts are land, and the smooth ones are water. You may also explain that there is an invisible layer of air around the globe and we call it atmosphere.

Invite the child to feel.

Give the "Three Period Lesson" to teach Land and Water.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • Introduce the child to the concept of earth as a sphere.
  • Introduce the child to the fact that the earth is made of land and water (and air).
  • Give the child sensorial impression of Land and Water.