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Seguin Board B

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Image:Seguin Board.jpg





For Presentation 1:

  • 45 Ten Bead Bars.
  • A small felt mat.

For Presentation 2:

  • Seguin Board B.
  • A large felt mat.

For Presentation 3:

  • 45 Ten Bead Bars.
  • Seguin Board B.
  • A large felt mat.

For Presentation 4:

  • 9 Ten Bead bars.
  • 9 Golden Bead Units.
  • Seguin Board B.
  • Cards 1 to 9.
  • A large felt mat.



Control Of Error

The structure and design of the Seguin Board controls the formation of the written symbols. The number of Golden Beads provides the child with the correct  number of beads for the formation of the Tens in Presentations 1 & 3, and for building the numbers 11 to 99 in Presentation 4.

Points Of Interest


  • Presentation 1 to 3: Teach quantities and numerals 10 to 90.
  • Presentation 4: To teach quantities and numerals 11 to 99.



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