Serving and sharing food

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This is a group presentation.


  1. Discuss about what to do during snack or mealtime.
  2. Some schools provide each child with a tray and they will go to the Directress and the Directress will serve them.
  3. Some will have already prepared the food on trays, all ready on the table, one per child.
  4. Some schools encouraged children to help serve the food.
  5. Hence, the older ones helped served and the younger ones will have to be seated, place their hands on their lap and wait to be served.
  6. Remind them to say 'Thank you' when they are served.
  7. This is a good opportunity to reinforce hand washing before touching food.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To develop the child's self esteem and good manners.

Indirect aims:

  • To develop the child's language.
  • To develop the child's independence.