Sorting Garbage That Can be Recycled

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  • A clear plastic bin tohold basic unsorted, clean garbage: newspaper, paper items, empty juice boxes, plastic containers, bottles, aluminum cans, etc.
  • 3 different colored baskets/trays to sort garbage.
  • 3 labels color cordinated with the baskets. The labels should read: "Glass, Plastic and Aluminum"; "Paper" and "Newspaper".


Individual or Group presentation.


  1. Ask a child to lay out a floor mat.
  2. Introduce the activity and carry the bin and the baskets to the mat.
  3. Explain to the children that you are going to show them how to sort garbage.
  4. Show them that the used containers have already been rinsed and are ready to be sorted.
  5. Begin by separating the 3 colored trays in a row on the mat.
  6. place the correct labels below the colored trays.
  7. Remove the items from the bin one at a time.
  8. Name each item as you remove it and place it in the correct tray/basket.
  9. Remove the next item from the bin and ask the child to name it and place it in the correct tray.
  10. Continue removing, naming and placing items with the children until the recycling bin is empty.
  11. Return all of the recycled items to the bin.
  12. Invite the child to repeat the activity.
  13. Remind the child to return the material to the shelf when she is finished.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


  • To teach a child about recycling and to care for the environment.