Stages in the Progress of Civilization

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  • The Fundamental Needs Chart
  • Many booklets: Stages in the progress of civilization (each booklet contains pictures and corresponding labels).



  1. Let's look at one of these booklets - travel on the sea.
  2. The chart is put away and the booklet presented.
  3. The child puts the pictures down in any order.
  4. "Which boat looks like one that you might ride in today?" ( It is chosen and put to the right of the child)
  5. "Which one do you think was the oldest boat used?"
  6. Then look at the remaining boats and try to place them in the order of first to last trying to reason why.
  7. The directress then presents a three period lesson naming each picture.
  8. In the first period, full descriptions are given for each picture, referring to various details in the picture.
  9. The child is then given the labels and matches them to the pictures.
  10. The child may then read the booklets.

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