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I'm not sure if I'm adding this comment correctly so please excue me if I've made an electronic communication faux pas....

I just wanted to say this is an awsome site and idea. Having trained over twenty years ago it's great to update my albums and get reinspired. I feel the tide of Montessori rising, who knows what the next few years will bring. Let's let our light shine and share what we know about the Montessori philosophy around the world. Peace and Friendship, Bridgid Beames Namaste Montessori School Trumansburg, NY

During Montessori teacher training (AMI) students learn to present the materials, the lessons, and make their own albums. It is in the making of the albums that the learning occurs, then the teacher is prepared to observe the children in the class, to know exactly what lesson to give, always one-to-one, and has the lesson completely memorized—mostly because of making the albums during training. Buying or using albums someone else made is not very helpful. Sincerely, Susan Stephenson

I agree that while going through training, creating your own album is an invaluable experience. Our intent has never and will never be to replace or circumvent that experience. Instead our intent is to act as a reference manual for teachers looking to supplement their training by standing on the shoulders of those that have gone before them.

Bobv 05:58, 3 December 2008 (UTC)