The Plant Kingdom: The Study of The Plant

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Observation of real plant
Nomenclature: The Plant

This chart describes the basic needs that all plants have in order to actively participate in life. Plants absorb minerals that are dissolved in water through the roots in the ground. The roots take the minerals and water to all parts of the plant. The leaves of the plant absorb the Carbon Dioxide in the air for the process of photosynthesis, using the sun's energy. The leaves of the plant also breathe in the oxygen from the air.


Experiment 1


MATERIALS: A large mouthed jar or container that closes well. Mustard or radish seeds, cotton batting, a glass, watering can, a long match, a small plate.

  1. Put a number of seeds in a glass of water for 24 hours.
  2. Then place them on a little plate covered with cotton.
  3. Put the whole thing in a jar which you have prepared by wetting well.
  4. Leave the jar open, keeping the seeds well watered until the plants have germinated but also developed well.
  5. Now seal the jar well and put it in a very dark place.
  6. After 24 hours, raise the lid just high enough to quickly introduce a lighted match.
  7. What do you observe?
  8. Write your observations.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest