Thermic tablets

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  • A box divided into four sections containing two tablets each made of felt, wood, steel and slate.


This is an individual exercise done at a table with out a mat. (Note: work cycle to be observed)


  1. The Directress sits beside the child. First, she arranges the tablet into columns.
  2. The first set is placed in a column on the left side, which we shall called it Side A.
  3. The other set is placed on the right hand side, called Side B.
  4. The Directress then shows the child how to do the pairing exercise.
  5. She places her left hand on the first piece of tablet on side A and feels the temperature.
  6. While keeping her left hand remaining on the piece of tablet, she uses her right hand to feel the tablets on side B, one at a time to find the matching piece of tablet.
  7. The matched tablets are then placed together side by side in the middle between the two columns of tablets.
  8. The Directress continues in this matter until all the tablets are matched.

Control Of Error

The child checks the exercises through the sense of sight, each pair of tablets having a different appearance.

Points Of Interest

Keep the steel tablet in the fridge at least half and hour before the presentation so that it is easier to differentiate it between the slate tablets.


  • To develop a child's awareness of the different temperature "feel" of materials in the environment caused by the different thermal conductivity of the materials.


The child lay out the tablets, put on a blindfold and pairs the tablets by temperature.