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  • A book.


This can be a collective presentation.


  1. The Directress invites a small group of children to sit in a circle, listen and watch carefully.
  2. The Directress shows them how to flip the pages in a book.

Place the book on the table.

  1. Place the left hand in the middle of the book, holding the pages down.
  2. Place the right hand, with the fingertips at the top corner of the book and turn the page with the index finger.
  3. Explain to the child the importance of taking care of the physical outlook of the book.
  4. Take care of it.
  5. Do not fold nor tear the pages.
  6. Do not wet it.
  7. Always place the book back to its place on the bookshelf.
  8. Teach the children to appreciate the books.
  9. Tell them it contains knowledge.
  10. It is interesting and can show us many things.
  11. For the older children, show them how to look at indexes, bibliography and how to study the contents of the book.

Control Of Error

Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To teach children how to handle books.

Indirect aims:

  • Teach the children independence and to appreciate books.