Use of clothes pegs

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  • Basket.
  • Clothes pegs.


This is an individual presentation.


  1. Directress introduces the clothes pegs.
  2. Directress shows how the clothes pegs work by opening and closing the clothes pegs by pressing and releasing the clothes pegs with the thumb and index finger.
  3. Directress then takes one cloth peg and clips it into the edge of the basket.
  4. Allow the child to try some.
  5. Then the Directress shows how to take the clothes peg off the basket and place it back into the basket.

Control Of Error


Points Of Interest


Direct aims:

  • To teach a child how to use the clothes pegs.

Indirect aims:

  • To develop the child's eye hand coordination.
  • To develop the child's fine motor control.
  • To develop the child's concentration.
  • To develop the child's independence.
  • To develop the child's self esteem.


For a more purposeful activity, demonstrate the same technique using a real (child-size) clothesline. Show the child how to lay the wet cloths on the line by first, holding a cloth by the two top corners, second, move the cloth half-way down and behind the line, then drape the cloth forward so the child can see how the cloth lays over the line. Last, attach the clothes peg as described previously.

Control of error: Cloth will fall if not place satisfactorily. Cloth will remain wet/damp if not hung on the line.