Verb: The Difference Between Matter and Energy

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  • Strips of paper
  • Black and red pens
  • Miniature environement
  • Black pyramid
  • Red sphere
  • Grammar symbols: noun, article, adjective, verb
  • Insets of geometry cabinet: circle, triangle, polygons



  1. The directress writes the labels for some objects consisting of noun, article and adjective written in black.
  2. A few children read the labels and bring the objects.
  3. Other labels are written in red; these are simple commands, i.e. run, walk.
  4. The children read these silently an execute the commands.
  5. All of the labels are placed on the table: the environment labels with their objects and the verb commands alone.
  6. Directress says: "The objects are here, but where is run and walk? They have disapppeared. These are verbs. The verb is energy".
  7. Examples of energy in activity are given, recalling the generation of body heat through activity.
  8. "Like a coal or wood fire is energy, it gives off heat and light. Energy is very important to life. Verbs show energy".
  9. The pyramid is presented, and the child recalls that it represents the noun.
  10. The symbol chosen for the verb is a red sphere.
  11. Directress says; "The noun is very stable; it cannot move. The verb moves quite a bit and freely".
  12. "In the same way as the triangle represents the pyramid, a circle represents the sphere".
  13. The freedom of movement is shown with the metal insets.
  14. The greater the number of sides, the more freely it moves.

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  • To give the symbol and etymology of the verb