Walking on the Line

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Make a shape using electrical tape resembling an ellipse. (There should be one meter clearance on each side of the tape)


  1. Show the children how to place their whole foot on the line; heel first and walk slowly along it.
  2. Instruct the children to carefully walk on the line.
  3. Play a soft background music.
  4. For further control of movement place a selection of objects on a table in the center of the ellipse (flags, beads, a cup, etc).
  5. Encourage the children to pick an object and hold it in front of them, keeping it as still as possible.
  6. As their skill develops, allow the children to hold an object in each hand.
  7. Increase the difficulty by adding water to the cup, a bell, etc.

Control Of Error

The ellipse.

Points Of Interest


  • To practice fine motor skills.


  • Instead of placing objects in the middle of the ellipse, try inviting children to select objects themselves from around the room.
  • You can use chalk instead of tape. When the children are ready, they can draw the ellipse themselves each day (it will vacuum up or be worn off during the morning).