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This page contains a list of free language worksheets and printouts.

Metal Insets

Metal Inset Templates

Classified Pictures

Tool Box
Parts of the Body
Texas Wild Life
Swimming Pool
Birthday Party
Animals 1
Animals 2
Animals 3
Animals 4
Zoo Animals

Digraph Cards

ay, ea, ue, oo, ir Card 1
ay, ea, ue, oo, ir Card 2
oa, ee, oy, ai, ow Card 1
oa, ee, oy, ai, ow Card 2
oo, aw, ck, ur, ow Card 1
oo, aw, ck, ur, ow Card 2
Beginning Digraphs 1
Beginning Digraphs 2
Beginning Digraphs 3
Ending Digraphs 1
Ending Digraphs 2
Ending digraphs 3
Digraphs ch
Digraphs sh
Digraphs th
Digraphs wh


Phonogram Book Cover
ai ea Stickers
ar ee Stickers
ch th Stickers
oo ue Stickers
or sh Stickers
qu ie Stickers
oa ou Stickers
Green Series ai
Green Series ar
Green Series ch qu
Green Series ea
Green Series ee
Green Series ie
Green Series oa
Green Series oo
Green Series or
Green Series ou
Green Series ue
Green Series sh
Green series th ch
Green Series Mixed
Green Series Mixed 2
Green Series Mixed 3

Antonyms, Synonyms and Homophones

Antonyms 1
Antonyms 2
Antonyms 3
Antonyms 4
Antonyms 5
Antonyms 6
Synonyms 1
Synonyms 2
Synonyms 3
Synonyms 4
Synonyms 5
Synonyms 6
Synonyms 7
Synonyms 8
Homophones 1
Homophones 2
Homophones 3
Homophones 4
Homophone Cards

Compound Words

Compound Words
Compound Word Puzzle
Compound Words Worksheet 1
Compound Words Worksheet 2
Compound Words Worksheet 3
Compound Words Worksheet 7
Compound Words Unscrable
Compound Words Worksheet 15
Compound words worksheet 16
Compound Words Worksheet 17
Compound Words Worksheet 19

Movable Alphabet

Nienhuis font
Regular Print
Upper Case Cursive
Lower Case Cursive

Grammar Cards & Symbols

Grammar Box Material
Adjectives and Articles
More Adjectives
Comparatives and Superlatives
Verbs 1
Verbs 2
Nouns in the House
Misc. Nouns
Nouns in the Zoo
Labels for Grammar Exercises
Grammar Symbols (Black/White)
Grammar Symbols (Color)
Grammar Symbols and Descriptions
Detective Adjective Cards
Adjectives Worksheet 1
Adjectives Worksheet 2
Adjectives Worksheet 3
Adjectives Worksheet 4
Adjectives Worksheet 5
Adjectives Worksheet 6
Adverbs Worksheet 1
Adverbs Worksheet 2
Adverbs Worksheet 3
Adverbs Worksheet 4
Adverbs Worksheet 5


Blends 1
Blends 2
Blends 3
Blends 6
Blends 7
Blends 11

Language Activities

Activity Cards
One to Many Exercises
Consonant Blends Game
Blue Series Endings Cards
Editing Sentences Cards
Alphabetical Order
Simile Activity
Time Vocabulary Cards
Sandpaper Numerals Small
Sandpaper Numerals Large
Sandpaper Letters Cursive
High Frequency Puzzle Words
living - Non Living Sorting Page
Sounds: Letter H Cards
Sounds: Letter F Cards
Sounds: Letter L
Sounds: Letter T Cards
Transportation Cards Game
Ocean Creature Cards
Print Custom Memory cards
Print Custom Bingo Cards
Print Custom Calendar
Custom Writing Paper
Alphabet Handwriting Practice
Alphabet Dominoes
Alphabet Flashcards
Alphabet dominoes
Prefixes and Sufixes

Reading & Pre-Reading Activities

Story Sequence Cards
Picture Sentence Matching
Patterning Cards
Reading Command Cards
What Doesn't Belong
Syllable Clap Counting cards
One Syllable Pictures
Two Syllable Pictures
Three Syllable Pictures
Apple Letters Cards
Alphabet Stamps in Lower Case
Simple Alphabet Templates
Alphabet Activity Pages A-H
Alphabet Activity Pages I-R
Alphabet Activity Pages S-Z
Reading and Word Activities
Sight Words 1
Sight Words 2
Sight Words 3
Sight Words 4
Sight Words 5
Long and Short Vowels
Long Vowels
Short Vowels
Variety: Vowels
Beginning Consonants
Ending Consonants

Grammar & Punctuation

Comma Activity
Capitalization Activity
Verb Tense Exercise
Grammar Symbols Bingo Game
Capitals 1
Capitals 3
Capitals 10
Commas 17
End of Punctuation 22
Quotations 28
Proofreading: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Proofreading: Three Billy Goats
Proofreading: Three Little Pigs

Nomenclature Cards

Transportation Nomenclature
Art Supplies Nomenclature
Living Room Nomenclature
Bedroom Nomenclature
Kitchen Nomenclature
Montessori Materials Nomenclature Sensorial
Constellations 3 Part Cards
Constellations Matching Cards

Word Study - Nouns

My Noun Book
Concrete and Abstract
Person Place Thing
Common and Proper

Cursive Writing

Cursive Writing Worksheets
Cursive Worksheets
Capital Cursive Alphabet Worksheet
Lowercase Cursive Alphabet Worksheet
Cursive Letters: Lowercase and Capital

Reading and Writing

Simple Story Map
Advanced Story Map
Finding the Main Idea
Reading: Real or Fantasy
Context Clues
Reading Comprehension Worksheets for 1st. Grade
Reading Comprehension Worksheets for 2nd. Grade
Reading Comprehension Worksheets for 3rd. Grade
Reading Comprehension Worksheets for 4rd. Grade
Creative Writing Journal Topics
Writing Worksheets: Story Pictures
Writing Worksheets
Proofreading Worksheets