Zillio - A 3D Playground for Math

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4 to 12


1 Zillio Mountain


Set of foam cards containing numbered tokens
ZillioFoamCards.png     ZillioNumberedTokens.png

Quick Start and How to Play (QS&HTP) Booklet


1. Directress chooses the setup most appropriate for the math skills for the children to explore (consecutive numbers or multiples for example).
2. Directress reviews the games instructions in the QS&HTP Booklet for that setup. She will determine which specific game is most appropriate after she has observed the children setup the Mountain. Games vary in complexity and challenges. Some games focus on developing computation and recall skills; other games require fluency in computation to be able to develop problem solving and strategies in using math in play.


1. Directress invites 1 to 4 children to help setup the Mountain.
2. Directress assists as necessary and observes the skill with which the children can carry out the activity.
3. Directress then selects the game best suited to the children.
4. Directress describes the game and the objectives. It is important that she takes turns also so she can model more advanced plays.The game should be playful and the directress should remain in role described in the game as much as possible.

Control Of Error

Directress guided.

Points Of Interest

Children can see, feel and explore the math, deepening their understanding.


To develop fluency with computation and strengthen understanding of math concepts. Each game provides opportunities to explore a variety of skills and make connections between them.



Main website: http://www.zilliogames.com