Addition Chart 6

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  1. Addition Chart 6
  2. Addition Chart 3 (for checking)
  3. All the combinations from 1 + 1 to 9 + 9 written on separate slips
  4. A box of slips containing the answers for the empty chart (answer tiles)
  5. Or blank charts duplicated for each child to fill in.



  1. Directress invites the child to the shelf and introduces them to the Addition Chart 6.
  2. Directress invites the child to choose a place to work on the table and then shows the child how to bring the materials to the selected working place.
  3. The Directress takes a slip, for example 4 + 5.
  4. Directress places her fingers on 4 and 5 along and across the chart, slides the finger together and places the answer tile in the meeting point column of number 4 and number 5.
  5. Checks the answer with Chart 3.
  6. Work through the slips.

Control Of Error

  1. There is the exact number of Answer Tiles to complete the Addition Chart 6.
  2. Chart 3 acts as control of error because answers are found on it.

Points Of Interest


  • This is a final exercise to check that the child has memorized the addition combinations.


The child completes Chart 6.


Addition Chart 3
Addition Chart 6
Addition Combination Slips